Why choose us?

We call you awwwesome. We are a group of young developers, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, and enthusiasts in the modern technology. We're not afraid to say our opinions and we are not afraid of any challenge. We have more than 13 years of experience and firmly stand up for what we're doing. It is not a problem for us to create web, e-shop or mobile app exactly according to your liking.

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We work with experts

We can even help you with the creation of promotion on social networks or by creating professional videos or photos.

We use modern technology

Figma, Sketch, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, Laravel, Ionic, WordPress, Elementor, Stripe, PHP, Angular, Node.js and more.

The long-term sustainability

Through modern technology, our products are sustainable. You will be able to better focus on your business.

I'm the developer of the heart,

who knows how in the backend and frontend. It is not foreign to me, prototyping, design or settings of the complex interactions with Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

Quality code is in me always in the first place. I'm trying to be seen as a user, which must have of the use of the product a good feeling.


Ing. Jakub Josef Forman

CEO, Full-stack Developer specialization on the platform of the Apple brand. A teacher at a SECONDARY school and UNIVERSITY students.


Completed projects

I am an enthusiastic Front-end developer

Like, I am involved not only in the creation of websites or applications, but also on various proposals for the design of web pages for branding such as posters or cans of beer.

I'm trying to make my design has always been a thoughtful, conscious, went with the times and to encourage a positive response.


Anna Andrlová

Designer, frontend developer and high school student.


Ionic Developer & UI/UX Designer

Photo and video is my life

I am a young photographer that is trying to be at the right time at the right place and capture the best action, the atmosphere and the nature.

I had to step out of your "comfort zone" and I can say that for her this is much better.


David Pesek

Photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur freelance writer with a penchant for photographing extreme sports.

Photo & Video

Photography art